The Town of Indian Beach was incorporated in 1973. A group of residents went to the legislature to request incorporation of the area with the idea of the town being named Salter Path. However, at the last minute Salter Path residents decided against the idea of incorporation. Those residents on either side of Salter Path saw the need and petitioned the General Assembly to incorporate the area around Salter Path. They decided on the name “Town of Indian Beach”. The name Indian Beach was based on evidence that suggests an Indian village was here at one time. Indian arrowheads were found on the beach and what appeared to be Indian burial mounds were found on the sound side.The General Assembly formally approved the incorporation and the town was chartered in 1973. Salter Path remains an unincorporated area within the Town of Indian Beach to this day.

Council/Manager Form of Government

The Town operates under the Mayor/Council Form of Government

The Town Board of Commissioners consists of five (5) members to be elected at large by and from qualified voters of the Town of Indian Beach. The members serve four (4) year terms. The Mayor is elected by the Board of Commissioners from its own members and holds that office for a term of two (2) years.

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