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Public Services

  • Where are the Town Hall, Police Department and Fire Departments located?"
    Town Hall: 1400 Salter Path Road Police Department: 1401 Salter Path Road Fire Department: 1410 Salter Path Road
  • What is a disaster re-entry permit and how do I get one?
    The town provides Indian Beach & Salter Path property owners and active businesses with free Re-Entry permits that allow residents reentry to the island after a disaster. Permits can be obtained from Town Hall. Identification and upon proof of property ownership must be provided (ex: deed, utility bill, tax bill, etc.). - The first permit per residence is free - 2 Additional permits may be purchased for $25.00 each 1st level of reentry will be essential personnel. These official personnel will verify that it is safe to return to the island. 2nd level of reentry will be the holders of valid reentry permits. This will allow owners and renters the time to secure their property before the general public is allowed to return. 3rd level of reentry will be to allow the general public to return to the island. Listen to local radio and TV for messages on when it is safe to return.
  • Where can I get property tax information?
    The Town contracts with the Town of Pine Knoll Shores tax office for billing and collections. Questions on billing can be directed to the Pine Knoll Shores Tax Office (252)247-4353 ext. 12. Questions on tax rates for Indian Beach can be directed to Town Hall (252)247-3344.
  • Where can I get a building permit?
    The Town contracts with Carteret County for permitting and inspections (252) 728-8497 (252) 728-8497 Beaufort office, or the western office in Cedar Point (252) 393-3204 (252) 393-3204. The county also does CAMA minor permits. Zoning information for Indian Beach can be obtained at Town Hall (252) 247-3344. Question on Salter Path contact the Carteret County office.
  • Is driving permitted on the beach?
    Driving is permitted on the beach from September through May. A Permit must be obtained from the Police Department for $30.00 and renewed each year. A special 3 day Beach Driving Permit can be purchased for $10.00 with driving only permitted from September through May. Beach driving hours are 5 AM to 8 PM daily.
  • Are golf carts permitted in the Town of Indian Beach?
    Golf carts are permitted in the Town of Indian Beach. Golf cart registrations and inspections are conducted by the Police Department 7 days a week from 9 AM - 12 PM. The annual Permit fee is $25.00.
  • Are dogs allowed on the beach?
    When accompanied by a responsible individual controlling said dog on a leash, dogs are allowed on the beach strand.
  • Are horses allowed on the beach?
    No, horses are not allowed on the beach strand.
  • Does the Town of Indian Beach provide waste collection or recycling services?
    The Town does not provide waste collection or recycling services to property owners. For details see the Recycle More section on this website.
  • Is camping or building fires allowed on the beach?
    Due to safety, the Town ordinances prohibit camping and fires on the beach.
  • Does the Town have beach wheelchairs available for use?
    Beach wheelchairs for physically challenged individuals are available on a first come, first served basis from the Indian Beach-Salter Path Fire Department. For more information call (252) 247-7994 or (252) 247-7994.
  • What are the Local Media stations?
    Carteret News-Times Jacksonville Daily News TV 12 - WCTI (ABC) TV 7 - WITN (NBC) TV 8 - WFXI (FOX) TV 9 - WNCT (CBS) TV 14 - TWCN
  • Where can I register to vote?
    Registration forms are available at Town Hall and at the Carteret County Board of Elections office in Beaufort (252)728-8460(252)728-8460.
  • Where does Indian Beach begin and end? Where does Salter Path begin and end?
    Salter Path is an unincorporated area located within Indian Beach. Salter Path is the white area inside the map.
  • Who do I contact for local utilities?
    Water: - Bogue Banks Water (252) 354-3307(252) 354-3307 - Pine Knoll Shores Water (252) 247-4353(252) 247-4353 Electric: - Carteret-Craven Electric (252) 247-3107 (252) 247-3107 Telephone: - Centurylink 1-800-786-62721-800-786-6272 Cable: Time Warner Cable (252) 223-5011(252) 223-5011 Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste/Large Item Disposal: - Individually contracted – contact appropriate person, property manager/homeowner association or service provider with questions and concerns. More information
  • Recycle More: How do I recycle responsibly?
    Please use the following guidelines when recycling in Indian Beach: Empty recyclables from plastic bags into cans. Do not mix trash with recyclables. Flatten cardboard. Do not recycle items with food residue - rinse bottles & cans. PLASTIC: bottles, tubs, jugs & jars METAL: All cans GLASS: Bottles and jars PAPER: Paper, cartons and cardboard
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